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YouTube Blocked in Pakistan, Bangladesh; Saudi May Follow!

"Innocence of Muslims", an amateurish anti-Islam film featured on Google's video sharing website YouTube sparked deadly protests ranging from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. Taking note of the grim situation, Pakistani and Bangladeshi authorities requested Google to remove the disturbing clip from YouTube. The request made by the Pakistani authorities, however, was ignored by Google. As a result, Pakistan, Bangladesh and as per a recent update Sudan as well, has blocked access to YouTube in their respective countries. The official Saudi Press Agency said that if YouTube does not remove the inflammatory video, Saudi Arabia would also block the video.

Users trying to access YouTube in Pakistan, were not able to do so, they received notification that the service is not available. Similar messages were displayed to users trying access YouTube in Bangladesh.

In a recent press release, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Pervez Ashraf said that as Google has ignored their request to remove the anti-Islamic video, Pakistan would continue blocking access to YouTube in their country until they do so. Bangladesh has also blocked access to YouTube, Mir Mohammed Morshed, a Bangladesh Telecommunications Co. Ltd. Spokesman said. BTCL is the largest Internet provider company in Bangladesh.

Pakistani P.M has reportedly said "blasphemous material would not be tolerated" in a recent statement. Pakistan as well as Bangladesh has recently witnessed protests against the movie.

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